Using a Security Audit to Improve IT Performance

Chances are you’ve never conducted your own in-house IT security audit. The simple fact is that no one makes time to do it, even though they may understand the benefits of preventative actions and care.

That’s another place where Integrity IT can help. We will run the entire security audit for you with the benefit of industry expertise and an outsider’s insight into your company’s habits and procedures.

When you think about a security IT audit, you probably understand that some of it will involve the assessment of technical controls, like strong firewalls, effective antivirus, and proper patching.

The audit doesn’t stop there, however. Each company needs to be equipped with a sensible information security policy and a continuous vulnerability management process. Integrity IT can you get you there from square one all the way through to completion, in digestible steps that will be easily integrated into company culture.

You need to protect your data, your reputation, and your ability to be up and running on a daily basis. You also need to ensure you’re meeting and/or exceeding expectations with regard to industry compliance.

With Integrity IT, it’s easy. Just let us know your IT goals and we’ll take care of the rest.

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