Top Three Reasons Data Backup Remains a Vital Business Action

You may not realize it, but your data is one of your most important business assets. It tells you where you’ve been and helps inform where you need to go as a company. Unfortunately, your data is also vulnerable to attack and being lost at any given moment.

With that in mind, we bring you the three reasons to make data backup a priority. First, digital data (once truly lost) is gone forever. There may be some cases where data can be entered again manually, but very few companies have this luxury, and even fewer would have the time and resources to do it.

It’s also not the type of thing that can be replaced with a simple trip to the store. Quite the contrary, your data is unique to your business, and if you don’t back it up, it’s only one problem away from being damaged, corrupted, or lost. Something that is unique demands attention, and data backup is the appropriate solution.

Why? Because your data is valuable. Customer data provides the information that fuels your marketing and next product offerings. Internal data is the tie that binds your team together through communication and information.

Integrity IT supplies its customers with IntegriVault, our ultimate solution for ensuring data continuity. With IntegriVault, your data is encrypted in transit to our servers and locked in our vault to remain safe and preserved. Contact us today to obtain the data backup solution your important files deserve.

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