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HIPAA compliance is a major issue for organizations related to the healthcare industry, which is an industry that is both huge in scope and sensitive in nature with regard to the data it processes and stores.

The burden of handling the data securely and efficiently is present, no matter where your position falls in the chain of data. This means that even small companies have to maintain high-level technology in order to comply with the regulations.

It’s no wonder that so many organizations choose to partner with Integrity IT. We offer healthcare IT solutions along with great service and advanced features. We boast licensed clinicians who support our outreach as a member of HITSP (Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel).

Integrity IT provides technology training so that your staff knows how to handle HIPAA-related data. Plus, we can redevelop your entire network, along with full software integration, so that you have the technical tools in place to handle your daily business.

Navigating the details of HIPAA compliance and healthcare IT requirements can be daunting. Integrity IT equips you with the right information and technology so that you know you’re in compliance and confident about your IT systems.

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