Today Is the Day: Cyber Security & Technology Conference

For months, we’ve been planning big things for the 2nd Annual Cyber Security & Technology Conference, and the day has finally arrived. Hopefully you plan on joining us at Distillery Square today to find out some great information on how to keep your business safe.

Not only is cyber security important, it’s truly essential. Hackers are lurking everywhere on the Internet, and no business will be spared hacking attempts of some kind. The key is to be prepared ahead of time, and Integrity IT will help you do so.

During today’s conference, you can expect to learn a lot from guest speakers like Karl Ackerman, Jaime Lisk, and Matt Pannebaker, as well as from Integrity IT’s own Phillip Miler, Joe Danaher, Bob Salmans, Bryan Pryor, and Maximo Bredfeldt.

Topics include “The Ever-Changing Threat Landscape,” “The Notpetya Story,” “The Dark Web Scan,” “The Insider Threat,” “Online Cybersecurity Training Platform,” and many other intriguing subjects related to cybersecurity.

If you act now, there’s still time to join us. Attend the 2nd Annual Cyber Security & Technology Conference 2018, and you’ll be better prepared to protect your company’s systems and educate your employees so that you can all remain focused on the work you really love.

Visit http://cybersafeky.com for more details now!

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