The Importance of Cyber Security

In the continued aftermath of an enormous data breach, Equifax remains a target of criticism, not only because it exposed personal information from millions of Americans, but also because of a botched job at handling the subsequent customer service issues that have arisen.

This serves as a warning to all organizations that handle digital data, and Integrity IT wants to help everyone secure their data in an organized and reasonable manner. What we need is a better understanding surrounding the topic of cyber security across the board.

It all starts with communication. Here at Integrity IT, we are leading the way in our industry by presenting the Cyber Security & Technology Conference on October 18, 2017. Once you have good information, you will be better equipped to protect your business with the security it deserves.

Everyone knows about anti-virus software, firewalls, and strong passwords, but not as many understand the increasing importance of intrusion prevention systems, intrusion detection systems, and security incident and event management.

Ignoring the issue won’t make it go away, and failing to take action is a sure recipe for disaster. Let Integrity IT walk you through all the steps toward cyber security. Our plan is comprehensive, and our guidance will allow you to implement it easily across your entire entity.

Don’t delay. Contact Integrity IT for more details. And do yourself a favor and make plans to attend CSTC 2017.

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