Take Control of Your Online Footprint

Do you really want strangers knowing your home address, phone numbers, email addresses, and the names and ages of your kids?


Here’s a few things you can do to take control of your online footprint:

  • Never give out information by clicking a link in email or when someone you don’t know or expect calls you asking for detailed information.
  • Beware of any messages that elicit an emotional response.  Urgency to act, links to discounts or causes you may be interested in or that are in the news is a powerful way to get our attention.  We are conditioned to click, click, click –  THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK.
  • Be careful how much you share on social media (LinkedIn; Facebook; Twitter)

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is intelligence collected from publicly available sources.  You can OPT OUT of some data collection, check out this article for a plan and links to various sites that collect your data.

Do you know if your information has been hacked?

The next step is to be aware of data breaches – they have occurred with Dropbox, LinkedIn, Adobe and more.  Troy Hunt, a Microsoft Regional Director developeda site that let’s you know if your data was on the list of security breaches.  Go to https://haveibeenpwned.com and search by your email addresses, then sign up to receive alerts about new breaches.  Change your passwords periodically on all your online accounts.

  • Don’t use your work email address to sign up for services not related to your job  (use your personal account like Gmail).
  • Never use your work domain password for other accounts you use (whether associated with work or not)
  • Do not to use the same password at multiple personal accounts
  • Do not reuse passwords/logins for online accounts that contain financial and healthcare information for less inportant accounts

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