SEO and Google Mobile Friendliness

Does your company have a mobile-friendly website? If not, you may have noticed a change in your rankings in mobile search results.

Back in April, Google updated its search engine algorithms, resulting in significant changes to mobile search results across the world. Essentially, the update adjusts rankings for sites on various platforms.  Sites that give a mobile-friendly experience to their viewers have seen higher rankings in mobile searches.  Consequently, sites that are not mobile-friendly have seen a significant decrease in rankings in mobile search results.  Searching content on mobile devices expected to surpass those on desktop computers in 2015, providing a mobile-friendly user experience is now more important than ever.

If you haven’t already experienced the woes of viewing a non-mobile-friendly site on a mobile device, consider yourself lucky!  Mobile-friendly sites offer a much more pleasant experience with legible text and easier navigation overall.  You don’t have to worry about pinching the screen and moving it around a bunch of times before being able to actually read the content.  That’s why Google has put such a stress on companies to create mobile-friendly sites, to generate a more improved searcher experience worldwide.

As the world of technology is constantly changing, we must adapt alongside it.  That’s why we’ve recreated our website with a whole new experience, an experience that can be enjoyed across various platforms, whether that be on your mobile device, tablet or desktop.


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