Security Program Development




It is common knowledge today that the path of least resistance to compromise an organization lies in the end users themselves. It only takes one person to click a malicious link, to open a malicious attachment or to browse a malicious website to compromise the entire organization.

At Integrity IT, we understand that most organizations don’t have the time, patience, or the expertise to support a successful business AND stop all of the “would-be” criminals. Because of this, Integrity IT has been helping organizations create a culture of security and awareness to help combat the threat of the weakest link. Integrity IT uses the following methods to address this issue by partnering with organizations to provide: Emails detailing a relevant topic in information security. Social Engineering campaigns, followed by a statistical reports detailing improving or failing trends. Executive Briefings on the state of information security as well as the state of security awareness within the organization.

Integrity IT understands the risks that your business faces on a daily basis, regardless of industry, and we would love the opportunity to discuss how we can help!


Building security awareness one step at a time.

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