Is this your password management system?

If you answered, YES, we need to talk…

Have you ever counted the number of sites you enter with a login?  Unless you’ve used a password management application, you probably have no idea – but it is easy to have over 100.

So, how many of these logins have the same password?  More than half of you will answer, “a lot” since you only have about 5 or fewer passwords in use.

But remembering all those passwords, especially strong and well crafted ones, is hard!

Yes, we agree.  Passwords drive us crazy too.  Around Integrity IT, we have folks with over 400 personal ones and we also have thousands we use managing the IT needs of our clients.  We use a company-wide password management application to keep track of them, limit access to only those needing them, and one that has two-factor authentication (2FA) to keep them safe.  Our employees use a variety of personal password management applications including





Password Management Applications are easier and safer than the things we do when we don’t have one.

  1. Write them down on paper – for easy access by ANYONE! #whatareyouthinking
  2. Have a file on our computer that may or may not be password protected.  Hackers love to scan your computer for this file. #hackerparadise
  3. Locking your accounts because you forgot your password, or your browser remembers an old one, or you mis-type (fat finger) #time waste  #frustration
  4. Reset your passwords ALL THE TIME #time waste  #frustration

It is easy to find rankings of “the best” online so I am not going to do the same – this is a good article that lists LastPass as the top application and includes a nice grid of their top 7 with their feature.  Most have a free version and a paid version.  For something simple and on one device, the free versions are a great option. LastPass has been number one many years and is the most popular among our technical employees.   It doesn’t limit the number of stored credentials and has a level of 2FA.

Somethings to keep in mind

  1. The most popular apps have a high level encryption of your data.
  2. Some store the information on your device and others store it the cloud.  Both have advantages, but the cloud is easier and the chance of losing data to hackers is smaller than you losing or destroying your device.
  3. There are free versions and most people have some kind of device – so peace of mind is available to all.
  4. Many apps will automatically create complex passwords for you.
  5. You can log into sites with one click launching from your app or using an extension for your browser.
  6. You just have to create one strong password and remember it!

If you are not using a password manager – start today!

But wait!  Can’t someone just get ALL my passwords by hacking ONE password?

You should select a password management app that supports two-factor authentication.  To enter the application, you need to KNOW your password, and you need to HAVE a code.  Learn more about 2FA here.

Are you looking for a company-wide password management system?  We can help review your options and offer you a solution we have tested and implemented at Integrity IT.

  • Easy web-based 2FA access
  • Ability to apply access groups to control access to passwords for your company and for your customers (if applicable)
  • Ability to store personal passwords that no one else, even system admins have access to for each employee’s personal use
  • Audit logs of who has accessed what password
  • Password expiration policy

Just reach out for more information.

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