Making Sure You Comply With PCI and HIPAA Regulations

Technology provides wonderful resources and helps streamline many processes that used to consume a lot more time and resources. All of this convenience comes at a cost, however, as private data must be protected.

With that in mind, we all live with PCI and HIPAA regulations that form a barrier of data protection. PCI data security standards demand that merchants who accept credit cards online or offline take certain steps to protect payment card data. HIPAA essentially performs the same function with regard to patient health information. In short, anyone who handles financial and health information bears the responsibility of securing that data.

And given that most shops and private practices aren’t focused on data security as their primary responsibility, obtaining expert assistance from Integrity IT makes good business sense. Integrity IT handles the turbulent regulation changes for you and works tirelessly to keep customer operating methods and infrastructure within market guidelines.

This is a huge benefit as it frees up time and resources so that they may be devoted to more industry-related initiatives. You don’t need a headache caused by PCI and HIPAA compliance issues–let Integrity IT handle it for you and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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