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Last month, a high school student hacked the CIA director’s email account and obtained personal information from some high-ranking government officials, which prompted an FBI investigation. Every day, on a global scale, countries engage in hacking attempts in an effort to gain intelligence advantages.

Whether it’s one person engaging in a relatively unsophisticated attack or a large group of organized, experienced computer hackers, there is no doubt that danger is lurking on the Internet. Personal and professional business data is constantly at risk.

Some people are targeted specifically, while others are scooped up as a result of broad phishing schemes. There is no one, foolproof method of protection, so it takes some serious effort to keep a constantly safe digital workplace.

Integrity IT is the perfect IT partner for businesses of all sizes because we can deliver customized security protection on all levels and tiers of your Internet presence. Keeping data safe and maintaining a safe email environment are just a couple of the benefits of using Integrity IT.

We have the expertise across multiple industries to make sure our clients (whatever their services are) remain industry-compliant with regard to protecting, sharing, and archiving data.

Internet security can be complicated, but you don’t have to waste time and resources on it when you use Integrity IT because we handle all of that for you. And that makes good business sense.

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