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Healthcare IT solutions apply to everyone who collects, distributes, and stores digital medical information. Obviously, doctor offices handle a bulk of the load in this area, but you might be surprised at just how many other industries have a secondary involvement with the medical industry (and thus medical information).

Data privacy and security are of an utmost importance with healthcare IT because the information is sensitive in nature and very important to maintain. No patient wants to lose their medical history, just like no patient wants their medical history to become public information, either.

Integrity IT is the perfect healthcare IT partner because we specialize in the laws and regulations that govern HIPAA compliance, and we know how to translate that into a technical plan to keep your business covered. Our clients don’t have to worry about their data, which allows them to perform their job duties at a higher level.

Unburdening our customers from the stress of sensitive data management is just one of the many reasons they seek us out for healthcare IT services. We even perform trainings for staff members so that everyone can confidently collect, process, and store information.

Healthcare IT with dedicated service is what you get from Integrity IT. We provide solution consulting, clinical application training and support, software integration, and assistance establishing and maintaining compliance with HIPAA and other security best practices, so you know you’re completely covered by the healthcare IT experts.

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