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Avoiding serious issues caused by computer viruses or malware deserves attention from any business owner. The downtime and lack of access created by such attacks can cripple a business’s ability to function for hours, days, or even weeks.

With antivirus management service from Integrity IT, however, you get instant peace of mind, knowing that IT experts are keeping watch over your systems and establishing protocols that will minimize your risk. While nothing is ever 100% secure, there is quite a range of “acceptable” security measures employed by various online entities. How safe are you?

Antivirus management means keeping all of your web servers, gateways, and personal workstations updated with the latest antivirus technology and configured correctly so that none of the many entry points are vulnerable to virus infection. Our system administrators have the training and experience to keep your protection running at its highest level.

Your antivirus management solution can be tailored to suit your needs. Maybe you need basic service or perhaps you’re running a large organization. Integrity IT relies on signature updates, threat alerts, in-depth system analysis, and logical policy recommendations (among other things) to ensure a well-rounded antivirus plan.

Sooner or later, antivirus or malware trouble will come knocking at the door. Integrity IT can be your gatekeeper, ready to keep out the malicious risks and maintain a secure computing environment for your entire company. Contact us to learn more.

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