Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

No matter how careful employees are, mistakes can happen and problems can occur. And sometimes it’s through no one’s fault at all–natural disasters create issues on a frequent basis. Once you accept that premise, it’s easy to see why it’s so important to have a solid data backup and disaster recovery plan in place for your business.

The simple fact is that very few businesses are adequately prepared for a digital disaster. Many remain vulnerable simply due to poor backups, as well. Since data is often a company’s most valuable resource, this presents some dangerous possibilities.

Integrity IT offers a solution to this madness. Our clients know that their data is safely backed up and stored securely. IntegriVault is the ultimate means of ensuring the continuity of data, encrypted in transit and locked in the Integrity IT vault. And when disaster strikes, our customers can pull a backup of their data and get back up and running quickly. This can be invaluable when downtime means dollars and cents to a company’s bottom line.

Ultimately, the best practice is clear. Utilize a professional IT partner like Integrity IT and avoid the headache of data backup and internal disaster recovery planning. Integrity IT has the technology and the proven expertise to safeguard your digital materials, all accomplished with service that’s second to none!

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