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Customer Contact:

Patricia Knight
Vice President Finance & Operations

VisitLEX is a public service organization whose mission is to market and promote Lexington’s Bluegrass Region for the purpose of attracting visitors and growing the economy. VisitLEX encourages visitors to discover the historic, cultural and recreational opportunities available in the Lexington area. They provide a wealth of information about what to see and do in our city. VisitLEX has been a customer of ours for the past 2 years.  To learn more about our history with them, read the responses below.

1. What were some of the obstacles that you were facing in your office prior to hiring us?
We were getting ready to relocate our office (moving from a single location to 2 separate locations).  All of our equipment was outdated and in need of being replaced (including our phone system).  We had viruses all of the time.  We did not have in-house dedicated IT support so it was a challenge to manage.  Since we were a governmental entity, capital budgets always come last.  We needed an economical solution to upgrading all our equipment and to keep our 2 locations on the same network/phone system.  A hosted solution just made the most sense.

2. What hesitations, if any, did you have about working with us?
We were IIT’s first hosted private cloud client (if I’m not mistaken).  It didn’t really make me nervous, it was just a fact.  I knew what I wanted and knew that Integrity would make it happen!

3.  What do you like best about working with us? Do you find any specific benefits?
The support team is amazing.  Early on I spent a lot of time with the help desk (not really on problems, just making tweaks to different applications and learning how a hosted cloud environment works).  They were all very patient and pleasant.

4.  Tell me about a time in which you used us directly? Backup issue? Computer failures? How was your experience with us during that time?
When we relocated our office, Integrity took the lead on making sure our data and phone system integration were seamless.  We literally walked out of our old office on a Friday at 4:45 with phone service and into our new office at 5:00 with phone service on a new phone system.  It was amazing!  Our data took several hours over the weekend to move and migrate, but from the staff’s perspective, they went home on Friday with the systems working and came in to the new office on Monday morning with the systems working.  It was amazing!

5. Would you recommend our services to others? If so, why and to whom?
Absolutely!  The service is wonderful, the team is amazing and the amount of time I spend managing IT is almost non-existent!  It has been one of our best investments!  Plus, we haven’t had a single virus since we hired Integrity IT!

6.  What’s the most important thing that people should know about working with us?
Integrity IT is the real deal.  If you promise something, you deliver.  If I have a crazy idea, you will make it happen.



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