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Hanna Resource Group is more than a consulting company for all things related to human resources. They are a group of professionals who understand the challenges facing businesses of all shapes and sizes, and how important it is to hire and retain the skillsets and talent required to improve a company’s bottom line. From writing an employee manual to counseling and coaching, they are there for you! To learn more about our history with them, read the responses below.

  1. What were some of the obstacles that you were facing in your office prior to hiring Integrity IT?

    We were using a small IT group (i.e. less than half a dozen people) and were concerned about the availability of the staff when we had issues; IT issues don’t just occur during business hours!


  2. What hesitations, if any, did you have about working with us?

    We were worried about the cost of switching; sometimes it’s hard to put into perspective just how important tech services are to a business or organization, so it’s easy to suffer sticker shock up front.


  3. What do you like best about working with us?
    There is no question that is too basic or too silly to ask – your team members are always happy to help explain or talk through the solution.


  4.  Tell me about a time in which you used us directly?  Explain the experience and/or outcomes. 
    We often work remotely, and so utilizing the Virtual Private Network to access our shared files is vital. There have been numerous times where I’m working in an unfamiliar place on a deadline and the VPN isn’t working, but instead of panicking, it’s just a 5-minute phone call to IIT and everything is fixed and ready to go!


  5.  Would you recommend our services to others?
    I would definitely encourage people to check out what Integrity has to offer- there are so many unique solutions and great options for each business!


  6.  What’s the most important thing that people should know about working with Integrity IT?
    You aren’t just getting basic tech support; you’re getting access to a variety of technicians with varied skills and specialties that have experience with just about any technological challenge you encounter!



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