Cyber Security & Technology Conference 2017

Are you doing everything within your means to protect your company from a security breach?

Data Breaches are not just a large company problem anymore. Small and Midsize Business (SMB) are involved in 71% of data breaches.

Breaches are expensive. 60% of SMB involved in breaches go out of business.

We do not want this to be the fate of your business.

Integrity IT approaches security differently. Today’s IT security involves layers of technology hardware and software, and all those layers must be wrapped in training to successfully protect valuable business data.  Now is the time for everyone in the organization, not just the designated IT personnel, to understand cyber security.

On October 18, you can evaluate your readiness and take home a tool to raise your security posture.

This conference will walk you through the layers of data security, spotlight selected solutions and provide each business attending with an online employee cyber security training platform.

Threat Landscape:  Current Trends in Cyber Attacks

Who are the bad guys, what are they doing and what is their motivation?  An officer at the Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence & Analysis will discussion of current cyber threats directed at the United States. We will examine various types of malicious actors, their intent and possible capabilities, along with current trends in cyberattacks involving ransomware.

How vulnerable are you?

How much information is available to cyber criminals? The surprising facts on how easy it is to target your company. Learn about Open-Source Intelligence and how it is used by malicious actors. Get eye opening examples of how easy your personal data and company data is accessible online already! Get yourself on even footing with the cybercriminal so you are better prepared to spot an attack.

Cyber Security Controls: Why the basics are not enough anymore

Firewalls, Passwords, and Anti-Virus are not enough to battle today’s threats.  We will discuss how monitoring and early detection (SIEM, IPS), and Employee Awareness Training all play a role in adding key security controls to protect your business.

How to validate your Security Controls effectiveness

Do you know if your security controls (Administrative, Technical, Physical) are working?  This discussion will help guide you through verifying your security controls are working and identifying any gaps there may be in the controls you are using. Learn about Vulnerability Scanning, Penetration (PEN) Tests, and Security Risk Assessment (SRA).

We secure your network and help train your staff to always think “security first”.

October 18
9 am – 5 pm
Distillery Square at the Grand Reserve
Lexington, KY

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