Our Values


Every business is ultimately defined by its core values; that’s why at The AME Group we made our first core value Service Oriented.  Our goal is that the people we interact with every day – our customers, our vendors, and our staff – will be respected and treated with value.  Getting that piece right leads to Partners in Our Client’s Success.  We aspire to long-lasting business partnerships where we help our clients advance in business through the power of IT done right.  Long-term consistency in those two values requires a culture that pursues Continuous Improvement and Focuses on Value. Whether it’s quality assurance testing and service level agreements or simply our spoken word, our goal is to only make promises we can keep and to deliver on what we say.  These are not easy goals, but they are the goals that deliver the best of the best to our clients, so we pursue them with Honesty.  At The AME Group, we are driven to be the best provider of technology support and services, so we celebrate success stories and always look for ways to improve.

A foundational part of our values and quality service is the engagement each employee has in the company.  The AME Group is 100% Employee Owned and we Invest in our Employees by providing a growth path through mentoring, certification, and training, along with a solid retirement plan in the ESO program.