Our Team



Dedicated. Knowledgeable. Experienced.

In the year 2000, a group of motivated IT experts came together with a common goal: to create a premier solution for the technology woes of small to medium sized businesses in Central Kentucky.  Out of this aspiration birthed Small Business Computing Solutions.  For years, innovation fine-tuned the business while ownership held true to one distinctive theme: integrity.  As a result, SBCS transformed into Integrity IT in 2007. 

We’ve developed our capabilities by building a staff filled with experienced, quality-driven IT specialists. And, because of this, we’ve achieved a reputation for having unyielding focus, dedicated customer service, and intuitive technology expertise.  Many esteemed vendor and client partnerships later, we hope to now build a partnership with you.


Phil Miller, President

What did you do before Integrity IT? Licensed Clinical Social Worker 10yrs; IT @ St. Joseph Hospital 11yrs

What excites you about technology?
Well-implemented IT improves the quality of the lives it touches, bringing ease, efficiency, and advancement.

Joe Danaher
Joe Danaher, VP Operations

What did you do before Integrity IT? Respiratory Therapist (RRT) in ‘90s; IT @ St. Joseph Hospital 8yrs; Senior Clinical Analyst & Telemedicine lead 2yrs.

What excites you about technology?
Technology at its best empowers businesses to fulfill their potential.

Roy Davis
Roy Davis, VP Infrastructure

What did you do before Integrity IT? I was a Network Engineer at St. Joseph Hospital from 1998 until 2010.

What excites you about technology? Technology is most exciting when it adds ease and efficiency to business processes.

Jeff West
Jeff West, VP Administration

What did you do before Integrity IT? Missle Optical Technologist 1yr; Power Company Research Analyst 5yr; IT Project Lead 6yrs; IT 11 yrs

What excites you about technology? There is great satisfaction in seeing how my solution makes a difference in the way business is run.

Bryan Pryor, VP Sales & Marketing

What did you do before Integrity IT? IT Technician 2yrs; IT Systems Engineer 6yrs; IT Consulting 3yrs.

What excites you about technology? I enjoy being involved in building bridges between people and technology.