Clay Ingels is a valued Integrity IT client, and over the years, our team has managed to build a great partnership with their team.  Here’s a little background on how we got to this point.

  1. How long have you been a client of Integrity IT?

I’m not exactly sure when we became a client, maybe 10 years ago or more. Before Bryan Pryor teamed up with Integrity IT, he helped us with any computer-related needs for years.  So we knew we were in good hands from the start.

  1. What obstacles did you face in the workplace prior to joining forces with Integrity IT?

Technology is changing by the day and becoming more and more complex. We needed a team to alert us to changes and options in the industry.

  1. What accomplishments were you able to achieve with the help of Integrity IT?

We have implemented a new computer operating system and moved our servers to the cloud. This would have been extremely difficult, or impossible, to achieve without Integrity’s guidance.

  1. What hesitations did you have about working with Integrity IT, if any?

Everyone is uncertain with the unknown; however, it was clear from the beginning that the people at Integrity IT are professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated.

  1. What do you like best about working with Integrity IT? Do you find any specific benefits?

They are proactive and keep abreast of potential issues that may be forthcoming in the IT world – things we might be unaware of.

  1. Is there a time Integrity IT helped with your team overcome a sudden, unexpected IT issue?

Before we moved our servers to the cloud, our onsite servers were exposed to water from a leaking air conditioner vent and some of the servers got wet. Fortunately, with Integrity IT’s prompt help, we were able to move the affected servers and dry them out quickly without experiencing any significant damage. We were very lucky.

  1. Would you recommend Integrity IT to others?

I would definitely recommend Integrity IT to anyone who needs help managing technology issues. They have an experienced and reliable team which would benefit any company.

  1. What’s the most important thing people should know about working with Integrity IT?

Integrity always looks out for your best interests.  I have confidence in their abilities which allows me to focus on other things and leave the technology issues to them.


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1920. Evan Ingels and Matt Clay shook hands then shook up a fledgling brick industry in a thriving Lexington, Kentucky. Leaving their fingerprints on some of the finer downtown office buildings and better homes, the two men quickly established the new rule – for quality product and uncommon levels of service and reliability, call Clay Ingels.

Since then, the company has outgrown two locations and become the full-service, full-capability provider of choice for quality building materials, including brick and masonry products, windows, doors, and hardware.


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