Business Email Makes a Difference

There are many ways that potential customers will vet your business before engaging with you. Sometimes they will see where your physical location is and whether it looks inviting. Sometimes they will check your online reviews. No matter what you do, you can’t afford to miss a chance to make a professional impression.

One way that you can pass a customer’s initial testing is by having professional business email. While a Yahoo or Gmail address may be fine for personal correspondence, it doesn’t inspire confidence from a business perspective.

Integrity IT understands that email is vital to your business. You need reliable internal communications between employees, as well as external communications with clients and customers.

In order to achieve this, we offer a combination of on-premise and cloud-based hosted email solutions. With Integrity IT, you get an email platform that excels in the two most key areas: security and uptime.

In addition, taking advantage of an email platform from Integrity IT means not having to maintain your own email server anymore. That can free up funds and employee time to be used where you really need it.

If you’re wondering about spam filtering, archiving, and encryption, we take care of that, too. Upgrade your email platform today with Integrity IT and start taking advantage of a better, more reliable form of communication.

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