5 years as a Best Place to Work

At Integrity IT, we believe in treating our employees, our partners and our clients with respect and kindness. We value the success of individuals and companies that intersect our business and seek to support them as best we can.

A note from Integrity IT’s President, Phillip Miller

As I was sitting at the Best Places to Work Awards Dinner for the 5th year in a row, I was really struck by how fortunate I feel to work with such an amazing group of co-workers.  I would describe our staff as dedicated, hardworking, wicked smart, caring, persistent and considerate.  Who wouldn’t want to work with a group of people like that? 

It is always a highlight of the year for me and the other partners to be recognized by our employees as a best place to work.  No matter our size or our success, I would not feel like we were running a successful business if our employees did not consider Integrity IT a great place to work and find personal fulfillment here.  When you get right down to it, work should be about more than just making a living, and I feel like at Integrity IT it is.  We are committed to keeping it that way and hope our clients feel the result of that as well.

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